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Hadrian Construction Company was founded in 2001 by Robert Markel, a licensed general contractor and home builder. With a background in construction and an education in art, design, and business, Markel has moved the company from its beginnings in small renovation work to a full-service home building and remodeling company with a wide range of current projects, including kitchen and bath renovations, outdoor living spaces, full home renovations, additions, and custom new homes.

Our unique design/build approach empowers our clients to make informed decisions throughout the design and construction process and sets us apart from other general contractors and home builders in the Upstate. Our cohesive, full-service approach relieves the frustrations often associated with the traditional owner/designer/builder triangle, where differing agendas can lead to conflict. With our process, the focus is on the best possible service and result for our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Hadrian Construction executes each project with singular attention to our client’s needs. Our commitment to finding creative, cost effective solutions for our clients guides every move, ensuring timely service, careful selection of materials, and attentive communication.

With us, the work is done right — the first time. That’s why Hadrian is more than just a remodeling company. We’re a trusted partner, helping you manage time and money to get the results you want.

Why Hadrian?

Hadrian was emperor of Rome from AD 117-138. The successor of Trajan, Hadrian ruled during a time of peace and prosperity. He traveled in the provinces extensively during the early part of his reign, spreading his foreign policy of peace through strong defense. Hence, the wall named for him in Britain. Hadrian oversaw many administrative reforms, including the codification of private law so that it could be changed by the emperor and was not subject to innovations by different magistrates. He is thought to be the most intellectual and educated of the emperors, and he was also a great designer, builder, and patron of the cities he visited.

In Athens, he built a library, gymnasium, and colonnade and oversaw the completion of the temple of Olympian Zeus. In Rome he built the Pantheon, the most famous of all Roman architecture, the temple of Venus and Rome, his mausoleum, and the bridge, Pons Aelius. He also built a grand villa in Tibur, also known as Tivoli, which is source of many great examples of Roman art and architecture.

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