Choosing Your Project

Choosing your project

Want to change the look and feel of your home but unsure which way is best for you? By analyzing some common ways a contractor can help make your vision become a reality — and knowing the pros and cons of each option — you will be able to make the best decision possible. While some modifications to your home can be a major budget obstacle, there are affordable and less invasive options that can completely alter your living space, from the inside out.

Add On

Home additions can range from new rooms or expansions to smaller nooks or dining areas — all depending on what you wish to accomplish with your addition. Introduce more light and flow to a room with a breakfast or reading nook, or boost a sloping roof with a dormer to increase usable floor space in a second-story room. Either option is ideal for those who want construction on their home with relatively minimal costs and fewer challenges than complete room additions.


If an attic or basement is not usable but you'd like to enhance it to be heated square footage, reconfiguring these spaces can be an option. Stretching a house by adding targeted square footage is usually only challenging when it can affect the facade of the house.


Enhancing a current common space into a more usable, modern area is one way to upgrade the quality of your house. Kitchens and baths, in particular, can be either upgraded or completely gutted and remodeled to create more space or brand new rooms.

Build from the Ground Up

If you are not yet a homeowner or are unsatisfied with the current layout of your house, creating a customized new home could be the building choice for you. Hadrian Construction will work with you to ensure your needs and desires for a comfortable, affordable and beautiful living space are translated into reality.

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