Building With a Budget

Building with a Budget

An easy way to increase your odds of a successful home construction or renovation project is to clearly define a budget before you begin.  An honest, thorough project budget can help you make the many decisions ahead of you, and help you and your builder manage expectations during the course of construction.  With a clear sense of your financial boundaries, you'll have no problem avoiding unbudgeted extras that can lead to complications, compromises, and disappointment. Starting your budget may seem intimidating, but we've found three simple ways to kick start your calculating:

  • Read & Research: Check local bookstores and online resources for various tips and trends (many of which are accompanied by estimated costs and considerations).
  • Hit the Street: Talk to friends and neighbors in your area about their experiences with remodeling and new construction, especially those who have completed projects you're particularly impressed with.
  • Approach a Pro: After gathering initial data on your own, reach out to a professional whose work you've seen or heard about from friends. Most reputable contractors are happy to meet to discuss your needs and possible next steps. 

Helpful to you and your builder, a little upfront budget homework can be the key to eliminating unnecessary headaches and hassles from your next construction project.

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